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High Energy Experimental Physics


Our research group explores the fundamental particles that make up matter and the fundamental forces that act on the particles. The group's efforts are currently focused on measurement of weak decays of the charm and beauty quarks. These experiments may provide clues to why we live in a universe dominated by matter rather than antimatter. We are also working on ways of detecting the higgs boson, the putative source of all mass, through its decays in exotic ways.

Pixel Sensor Laboratory
Inside of all 30 photon detectors. The shiny material is mostly CaF2.
Pixel Sensor Equipment
Loading the RICH onto the truck
Detector being inserted into magnet
Professor Artuso

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Colloquium
The Colloquium schedule for the 2014-2015 school year.
Thiss Week in Physics
Take a look at whats going on in the Physics Department this upcoming week.